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Legislative History Research

Federal, California & other states

State Legislative Materials

Locate the Session Law

Read the "credits" section that is just under each relevant statute in an annotated code. Identify when your bill become law, and if possible click through to see the Session Law, or use the citation to look up the Session Law in another resource like HeinOnline. Session Laws may contain introductory material that discuss the legislature's intent in passing the law, and that could be a place to find your answer. This is the step before Legislative History, and you would be examining the actual law that the legislature passed and not the codified law.

Using Westlaw & Lexis

Westlaw and Lexis are useful for locating the relevant public laws and generating 50-state surveys.. They include selective materials in their legislative history collections and should not be considered comprehensive. Check the information icons for coverage. Other WL/LN collections, like those of proposed legislation, could be useful as well.

Supplemental suggestions

Print Books

Additional Electronic Research Guides