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Graduate Access to Legal Research databases

Short-term and continuing access for alumni

ATTENTION Graduating Classes  — this step is required:

Register with database providers as a law school student before graduation.

Continuing Access: CEB OnLAW & Fastcase

Fastcase is a legal research database similar to Lexis and Westlaw

Fastcase is a free member-benefit of the California Lawyers Association (CLA) and many other bar associations. Join CLA for FREE while attending law school to access Fastcase. Membership is based on the calendar year so access will continue through December for graduates, and longer for bar members.

Temporary Access for New Graduates: Westlaw, Lexis & Bloomberg

Summary: Bloomberg Law and Lexis offer six-months access to student account-holders post-graduation. Westlaw requires opt-in.

Bloomberg Law Graduate Access

Graduates have automatic, unlimited and unrestricted access to Bloomberg Law accounts for six months after graduation. Register for a Bloomberg Law account using your student email at No activation code is required.

Lexis Graduate Access

Lexis+ Access for Law School Graduates continues for six months after graduation with the same Lexis+ User ID. The ASPIRE Graduate Program permits graduates engaged in 501(c)(3) public interest work to opt into access for 12 months.

Westlaw Graduate Elite Program

Graduates who opt into Westlaw's Graduate Elite program have access to Westlaw Edge, for six months after graduation. “Grad Elite” access is capped at 60-hours of usage per month and cannot be used in situations where billing a client.

Click Graduate Elite program to enroll OR go to, and

  1. Click on your name (top right corner)
  2. Click “Grad Elite Status”
  3. Click “Extend My Access After Graduation”