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Panopto - How to Record Video

Video Recording and Distribution Platform for Teaching/Learning

Please install software per directions below and contact us if you need assistance.  If needed, an IT staff member can (with your permission) remotely access your computer and install the software. You will need to set up an appointment and be with your computer for this to occur.

If you require assistance with the installation please email

Install Panopto

Install Panopto Software for Recording

Panopto is used to record asynchronous (not live) lectures. Students login and view the recordings on the Panopto website.

panopto sign in
panopto download image

Note: If you are a first time user, you must login at least once with your CWSL network credentials to access videos or record on Panopto. If you do not know your CWSL network credentials email as soon as possible to retrieve them. 


To install software, open the link above.  Select ‘CWSL’ from the drop-down box, and log in with your CWSL network credentials (see graphic). On the following page, click on “Download Panopto” (see graphic) in the top right corner of the screen.



Tutorials on Specific Features