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About the Law Library

Hours, maps, policies, contact info, and staff. Includes information on giving to the library and academic user agreements.

Academic Use

Bloomberg Law, Lexis, & Westlaw

By creating an account with Bloomberg Law, Lexis, or Westlaw CWSL community members agree to each company's user agreement. Each CWSL community member is responsible for reading these agreements to understand the terms under which they may use each resource. These terms include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • use is authorized only while enrolled as a student at CWSL, or working as a member of faculty or staff;
  • use is non-transferable (I.E. CWSL community members may not allow other people to use their Bloomberg Law, Lexis, or Westlaw accounts); and
  • downloading or transferring data from these services is limited.

Links to versions of each user agreement are below, and the updated versions are available when you start to create an account or log in to each service.