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Bar Exam Preparation Materials

This is a collection of information and resources to assist in preparing for bar exams.

From the State Bar of Califoria

Study Guides

The Schemas

Get concise maps, or knowledge trees, of each subject tested on the California Bar Exam. Even if you are enrolled in the school's bar preparation program with BarBri, these schemas can still help see at glance a bird's eye view of each subject and how the legal issues involved in that subject relate to each other. Note on Bar Secrets

The Outlines

These outlines below came from the Barbri bar preparation courses that are a part of the school's bar prep program. To use them you might need an understanding of how they work together. The Conviser Mini-Review is the one book with outlines of all subjects tested on the California Bar. The California and Multistate books are both larger than the Conviser Mini-Review, and they contain more in depth outlines than the Conviser Mini-Review. Other outlines, from Barbri as well as other bar review courses, are on reserve at the circulation desk as well, and we would be happy to accept donations of more recent materials.

Other Materials

There are various books from many publisher (including more books from Bar Secrets and Barbri). Many have previous essays question to take available with sample or model answers included like the link above to past exams. Some other books on bar preparation available are below, but the best advice for our graduates studying for the bar in the school's program is to consult you course instructors and the Assistant Director of Bar Programs, Carly Sassi. They can give you personalized advice on modifying your program's study plan to make it work better your you.